DVD Library

Emergency Instruction

Hosted by TV
personality and flight instructor MayCay Beeler, this unforgettable DVD
features the actual ATC recordings of pilot/ground communications in
real emergencies, brought to life with stunning animation and graphics.
Listen, learn, and live.

Flying with Dick Rutan

Finally, a
flight training video that takes you above and beyond status quo
aviation training programs. The Aviator Series captivates, stimulates
and educates like no other training video you’ve seen before. Fly
shoulder-to-shoulder with Dick Rutan, one of the most renowned aviators
of all time. You’ll not only learn new techniques for precision
instrument flying, you’ll achieve a whole new understanding of spatial
disorientation, kinesthetic inputs, task saturation and the “other

Bush Flying

Bush Flying
Basics brings together and explains the stick and rudder skills,
aircraft performance considerations and terrain evaluation techniques
used by working bush pilots worldwide.

Close Calls:

Lessons to Live By

With more than
50,000 plus hours of “extreme aviation” between them, Bob Hoover and
Wayne Handley have more than their fair share of compelling experiences
to share. You can learn the tricks that kept these two pilots alive in
near impossible situations. These lessons could save your life

Aerodynamic Principles

Get a complete
look at the forces that keep an aircraft flying and those that work
counter to it. By studying the four forces of flight – lift, weight,
thrust and drag – you will learn how each force affects flight.

Jeppesen GFD

Private Pilot Video Series

The Jeppesen GFD
Integrated Ground School DVD Series is a great resource for students
& instructors alike. The Private Pilot, Instrument/Commercial
Flight Instructor, & Multi-Engine DVD’s augment the written
materials by providing visual reinforcement of topics. The
state-of-the-art graphics, animation, and aerial photography help
students grasp complex concepts. The GFD Private Pilot Integrated
Ground School on three DVD is a great resource for students and
instructors alike. These DVD’s contain 10 hours of informative and
entertaining video that augment the written materials by providing
visual reinforcement on a variety of topics.

One Six Right
– The Romance of Flying


Experience an
exhilarating documentary film that celebrates the unsung hero of
aviation – the local airport – by tracing the life, history and
struggles of an airport icon: Southern California’s Van Nuys Airport.
Featuring thrilling aerial photography and a sweeping original score,
the film dispels common misconceptions and opposes criticism of General
Aviation airports. Through the love story of one airport, past and
present, the film shares the timeless romance of flying with all
ages.USA version

Private Pilot
Oral Exam Summary Audio CD

The Gold Seal
Private Pilot Oral Exam Summary is your most versatile and efficient
way to prepare for the Private Pilot Practical Test – you know, the one
we call the “checkride.” As you’ve heard, there is a variety of
material that can come up in your Oral Exam. But the good thing is, it
has already been identified for you.

Flying with Barry Schiff 3 Box Set

Disc 1 examines
takeoff techniques, spins, engine failure after takeoff, control
surface failures, weight & balance and measuring airspeed. Disc 2
covers rejected take off & landings, slips, power off glides, pitot
static pitfalls, how to fly a taildragger and accident investigations
utilization through computer generation. Disc 3 features aircraft
ditching, how to swing one’s compass, engine operating hints, unusual
approaches, how to fly a seaplane, & how it all works.

Rich Stowell:

Basic Aerobatics

Based on the
content of Module III of the EMT® Program. Maneuvers covered:
Spin, Roll, Loop, Immelmann, 1/2 Cuban Eight, Reverse 1/2 Cuban Eight,
Hammerhead Turn, Recoveries from Botched Maneuvers, Aerobatic Sequence.
This DVD combines “superb aerial photography, creative use of digital
graphics and excellent scripting and editing to come up with a nearly
indispensable aid to those considering a departure from straight and

Rich Stowell:

Emergency Maneuver Training

Based on the
content of Modules I & II of the EMT® Program. Topics
covered: Aircraft Controls, Stalls, Spins, Slips & Skids, Inverted
Attitudes, Control Failures, Powerplant Failures, Off-Airport Landings,

Rich Stowell:

Stall/Spin Awareness

presentation was videotaped live at one of the many safety seminars
Rich has presented as part of the FAA’s Aviation Safety Program, with
actual flight footage inserted to reinforce the points discussed.

Stowell: Getting Ready For Spins, Aerobatics, & Other Unusual

Topics covered:
Flight School & Instructor Considerations; Aerobatic Aircraft
Preflight, Airspace, Parachute, & Emergency Egress Considerations;
Typical Course Content, Maneuvers, and G-loads.”

Safe Hand

Learn the step
by step procedures to make hand-propping an aircraft a safe activity
for you, your passengers and others. Covers essential knowledge about
magnetos and impulse couplings, propeller cautions, use of chocks and
helpers as well as the procedural steps of normal starting and clearing
a flooded engine. Not only shows you how, in detail, to perform these
procedures, but also explains the risk factors and the safety issues
associated with each step of the process.

Sporty’s What
You Should Know Series (21 DVDs)

Whether you’re a
new pilot or have thousands of hours in your logbook, Sporty’s What You
Should Know™ Series can teach you something. You can get the
information you need to learn to fly, brush up before your flight
review, or even learn to fly helicopters. Each exciting DVD is produced
to the high standards you’ve come to expect from Sporty’s, containing
real world information and plenty of in-flight footage. So no matter
what your interest or experience, we’ll teach you “what you should
know” to be a better pilot.


Join two
experienced tailwheel instructors for a complete introduction to flying
tailwheel aircraft. Covers ground handling, normal and crosswind
takeoffs, best practices for safe approaches, 3-point landings,
crosswind landings and wheel landings. In-flight video goes beyond the
textbook to show how to master short field and soft field conditions,
plus techniques to develop coordination and precision throughout all
phases of flight. Multiple point-of-view camera footage puts you in the
cockpit, on the ramp and alongside the aircraft while in-flight
maneuvers are discussed.

Tailwheel: 101

Ride along with
tailwheel expert Damian DelGaizo as he guides a student through their
tailwheel endorsement. Each ground lesson is immediately followed by a
real-world demonstration of the topic to help reinforce the material.
Take instruction from the back seat of a Cub and Stearman as DeGaizo
demonstrates how to master the art of operating conventional gear
aircraft from grass runways. Approx. 93 minutes.

Tailwheel: 201

Goes beyond the
tailwheel checkout, building on the tailwheel basics introduced in the
first DVD, Tailwheel 101. Covers advanced techniques on short field
operations, advanced slips, precautionary off airport landings and
more. Includes ground school and in-flight cockpit instruction. Approx.
93 min.

The Piper
Cub: Building, Flying and Maintaining a Small Airplane

This two DVD set
contains 9 Vintage films Starring the Piper Cub, also known as the L-4

Weather to
Fly, Basic Concepts or Flight with Dixon White


An educational
video on meteorology. Dixon White, Master pilot and USHGA Examiner,
introduces you to the Weather to Fly™ concepts of taking pilot
experience, skill and knowledge and weigh them against the weather in
the ultimate decision of “whether to fly”. Dixon takes you through a
simple step-by-step process showing you where to acquire weather data
and how to interpret it. This video helps pilots of any aircraft
understand more about modeling and forecasting. You learn about
regional and local influences and how to determine winds aloft and
stability. 50 minutes.


Welcome to all pilots, passengers, aviation enthusiasts, airport bums, and everyone else!